You’re Not Hollywood

Kevin Good, director of Dinner with the Alchemist, shares his philosophy on indie filmmaking. It’s a pragmatic approach to solving tough problems in order to get a movie made: “Use what you have creatively instead of creating what you don’t have... read more

Sad Kevin

Making movies isn’t always so #awesome. Sometimes when it seems like we’re #livingthedream, really that’s just the brave face we’re showing social... read more

Simple Setups – Alchemist Production Diaries

Simple setups were one of the many ways we were able to pull off this period piece on a modest budget. Planning for scenes that can take place in a single shot and with a little bit of movement (in this case with a dolly track) can make them both beautiful and... read more

An Indie Producer’s SAG Cheat-Sheet

I produced two features and several shorts non-union before I took the plunge and finally produced a low budget feature under a Screen Actors Guild contract (SAG, now SAG-AFTRA). When I first started, I Googled around and all I found were horror stories. It made me... read more